Saturday, February 2, 2013

NOTD: Hard Candy Beetle

Seriously, where has this color been all my life?!
Truth be told, I am pretty boring with my nail polish selections. I love a good neutral and not-too-crazy-colors, but when I saw this nail polish by Hard Candy, I just knew I had to have it! This is a duo-chrome polish with pinky-purple and green. There seems to be a bit of gold in the mix, too, but I think that's more of a golden-ish sheen. The formula can be tricky to work with- can get a little patchy on the first two coats- but I think the final result is totally worth it! This nail polish is an exact dupe of Orly's Space Cadet and MAC's Mean & Green! Whoohoo for a good deal! Click here to see how Beetle compares to Space Cadet. Click here see how Space Cadet compares to Mean & Green. I don't own the Orly nor the MAC ones, but I've seen many pictures online and I can't tell them apart. As far as Orly and MAC's formula, I can't say if they're easier to work with or not because I don't own them, but I don't mind applying an extra coat of Bettle to even everything out. In comparing the prices, the Hard Candy one is $4 at Wal-Mart and I've seen the Orly one at CVS for around $8 or 9. Because this is a "sometimes" color, I prefer the $4 or 5 dollar savings.

I found that allowing this polish to completely dry makes for a better finish. The first time I applied, I allowed it to partially dry before adding on more coats, then applied my Sally Hanson Quick Dry Top Coat. The top coat is supposed to make nails dry after 30 seconds. I like to wait a complete minute or so before doing anything, though. For some reason, the Sally Hanson top coat didn't make this nail polish dry in the 30 seconds...maybe it's the formula of this duo-chrome polish?! Even after several minutes of allowing it to try, I got smudges and had to completely start over.
Also, I found that I could get away with three coats if my nails were shorter, but when I stepped outside in natural light, my tips were a bit sheer so I needed a fourth coat. 

Let's see the progress...
One Coat.

Two Coats.

Three Coats.

Four Coats (with top coat).

UPDATE on Feb. 4, 2013: This nail polish is a bitch to remove! Save your sanity and use the foil method...makes it much easier! Click here to watch a tutorial using the foil method. 

Daily Dose of Pretty...
  • Ross and I have had a study date all afternoon. I've been reading The Grapes of Wrath for my Western Lit. class and he's been getting some work done. Life of a college student! Come on, May! (:
  • We're going to look at rings (again) this afternoon. I've decided on a setting, but I'm still trying to decide on the center stone. The setting is a solitaire with side sides down the pave and I'm thinking either a round, cushion or oval as the center stone!
  • I can't wait until Drew Barrymore Flower line comes to my Wal-Mart! I think EmilyNoel83 (from BeautyBroadcast) has a Review coming up tomorrow! I will be watching to get a peek at the new line's beauty goodies!  

What do you think of the Beetle nail polish? What Hard Candy polishes have you tried?

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