Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Mini Rite Aid Sale Haul! Feb. 2013

Hello, Everyone!
Yesterday I saw on Budget Beautiful's YouTube Sunday Sale Alert that there was a great sale going on at Rite Aid. Click Here to watch her Sunday sale video. As you may have guessed, I love a good deal! So, later that day I went over to Rite Aid and got a few things.  Wet-n-Wild blushes are on sale for $1.79 and the Julie G nail polishes are BOGO half off. My grand total (including tax) was $19.94! Happy Shopping, Everyone and don't forget to check out Budget Beautiful's channel! (:
The Nail Polishes...
I picked up four of Julie G's nail polishes. When I got home I tried the lilac and peachy-coral color and both are so beautiful! I am wearing Fairytale (the lilac color) on my nails and Julie's Fave on my toes. I will be doing a review on these polishes soon.  

I also picked up two Wet-n-Wild blushes and both are (no surprise) crazy pigmented. There are four colors in the color icon blush line and I already had Heather Silk and Pearlescent  Pink. Honestly, I really had no desire getting these, but because they were 40% off, I figured I would give 'em a try. I am wearing Berry Shimmer today and it is so pretty! I lightly tapped my brush in and wiped the excess off on the back of my hand and then applied to my cheeks. I still needed to buff the color out a little because it was way too dark on my fair skin, but the end result was stunning!

Daily Dose of Pretty...

  • It has been raining like mad for the past few days! I am so ready so pretty weather again!
  • I finally finished The Grapes of Wrath this morning! Ah, it was amazing! Hands down, the best book I've read in a while!
  • Ross' mom sent us some Valentine's goodies! Hopefully Ross won't eat all of the puppy chow before I can get some. Lol

What Julie G nail polishes would you recommend?

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