Thursday, December 6, 2012

Review: Milani Purple Gleam & Sale Alert

Just a heads up, CVS is having a clearance sale...50-75% select items! I saw the sale on Nouveau Cheap's blog. The link will be below. You might want to scan the sale items before you check out because some of the sale items on the list were not on sale at my CVS.

I ended up buying four Milani nail polishes, the Revlon Colorstay concealer in light and a backup of my favorite light, Wet-n-Wild's single shadow in Brulee. I got all this for $9.06 with $22.93 in savings.

Whenever I got home I decided to try Milani's One Coat Glitter in Purple Gleam. I have been obsessed with purples lately, literally cannot get enough!

The polish...
One Coat. 
I really wanted to put this polish to the test since it's called one coat. On my index and ring finger I'm only wearing one coat of the glitter polish. On my middle and pinky finger I'm wearing Wet-n-Wild's Disturbia (a deep purple) as a base and one coat of Purple Gleam, Honestly, one coat of Purple Gleam alone doesn't cut it for me. I do, however, like the purple base with the glitter over it. Hopefully it will be easier to get off because there isn't as much glitter on that nail. 

Two Coats.
I have two coats on all the nails and I think they all look the same. In the future, I will use the Disturbia as a base and only one coat of the glitter polish because I don't think it makes that big of a difference and I don't have an extra layer of glitter to get off. 

Overall Thoughts...
I think this is a beautiful true purple glitter polish. Obviously the one coat claim isn't entirely true, but with either a base coat or two glitter coats, it's just perfect. I do reccommend this polish to anyone wanting to try it. It's gorgeous on the nails...and it's only $1.25 at CVS right now!

Glitter is tough to remove so use the foil method to remove this (or other glitter) polishes.

Daily Dose of Pretty...
  • I am overly excited about my wonderful deals from CVS!
  • Ross' Christmas present came in today and the nail polish I ordered for myself came in too. What a pleasant surprise since it came a few days early! 
  • I had a study session with a friend from class and I feel a little bit better about our final tomorrow. We met at Starbucks and I had the Gingerbread Latte (which is delicious), but since I don't drink things with caffeine, I'm a bit jittery. Lol
Click here to see the CVS clearance list on Nouveau Cheap's blog.

Which Milani polishes do you like?! (:

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Nail of the Day: Maybelline Sequins in 280 Sea-Quins

This is my first time trying Maybelline's Color Show line. I've seen a few colors in their permanent line that were pretty, but none that I had to have. Today, I was in Wal-Mart and saw the color Sea-Quins #820 from their Limited Edition Collection. This collection has been out for a while now, but this is the first time I saw this particular color. There are eight colors in the entire Sequins collection, but this is the only one that stood out to me. I believe I paid less than $3 for this at Wal-Mart- what a steal! (:
I wish I wouldn't have been so late on the bandwagon to try this line's nail polish because this one is great! I will be purchasing more from the Color Show line!

The polish is opaque in 2 coats. Even with a top coat, the glitter still feels rough and doesn't give the shinny finish I would like. Overall, I didn't have any problems with this color and formula. The color is an absolutely gorgeous teal glitter with some sapphire glitter bits in the polish. I paired this polish with Hard Candy's Mr. Right, a basic navy.

Use the foil method to remove stubborn glitter.

Daily Dose of Pretty...
  • I am obsessed with this nail polish and will be getting a lot of use of it...thinking about buying a back-up.
  • I took my first final yesterday. It was in Physical Anthropology and I got a 100 on the final and ended up with an A in the class. (:
  • How gorgeous were the lovely ladies in the VS fashion show?!! 
  • I ordered Ross' Christmas present last night...I think it should be here tomorrow! 

Have you tried Maybelline's Color Show line? What are your favorite colors?

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Throwing Fireballs With Family!

Hello, Pretty People! 
I know it's been forever since my last blog, but school has been crazy...only two more weeks till Christmas break! A month or so ago I mentioned that my family and I would be throwing fireballs in the upcoming weeks and that I would be blogging about it.
I first want to start out by saying that it was so amazing to get together with my family. I had not seen some of them in over 10 years! So, yeah, I was basically re-meeting some of my family all over again.

About fireballs...
Throwing fireballs has been a family tradition for many generations. I asked my grandfather how the tradition started and he couldn't remember. All he could remember was his mother (my great-grandmother) sitting around with her sisters making them for Christmas. When my grandfather was growing up, they didn't have a lot of money for Christmas, so for their entertainment, they threw balls of fire back and forth. Yes, fireballs are literally on fire! Last year, my grandmother made all the fireballs for our family (about 10-12). At that time, only 8 people participated. This year, family I had not seen in over a decade came down, so we needed a bot more than 10-12. This year, we had 22 fireballs with about 15 people throwing.

Last Year (New Year's Eve 2011) 

This weekend (Dec. 1st, 2012)

Diclaimer: I am NOT to be responsible for anyone getting hurt playing with fireballs. My family has been doing this for many, many years so we know what we're doing. Do not attempt! 

Daily Dose of Pretty...
  • It was so amazing seeing everyone last night! What a great way to start off the Holiday season! 
  • I have my first final tomorrow! Wish me luck! 
  • I think I will start Christmas shopping tomorrow! (:
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