Monday, February 25, 2013

First Impressions: Black Radiance Downtown Browns and Full Effect Mascara

I saw this little jewel in Wal-Mart today and picked it up because I saw Emily Noel (from Beauty Broadcast) talk about it on her blog

Downtown Browns
I had seen the palette in CVS a long time ago, but passed on it because I wasn't sure about the quality. If you're a fan of the Wet-n-Wild eyeshadows like I am, then you'll love these! I love that the shades are neutral, but some are plumy-neutral. The brand claims that there are "8 ultra-pigmented shades in matte, pearl, metallic and shimmer." Although I do love the colors, there are no matte shades in this palette. I was thinking the third shade on the right (the purpley-plum shade) would be the matte one, but I find it to be a satin finish.                   
Maybe you can get a better idea of how they capture the light with both pictures.

Ride Side...

Without Flash.
*Note: I know the last two shades look matte in the picture, but they are a satin.*
With Flash.

Left Side...

Without Flash.

With Flash.
*Seriously, how gorgeous are these shades?!*

Full Effect Mascara
I've never tried any of Black Radiance's products before, but I am very curious to try this mascara. The claim is that it "instantly volumizes and defines lashes" and that it's "infused with Shea Butter and Argan Oil." I have really high hopes for this mascara because we all know how wonderful Shea butter and argan oil are. The brush has long spikes on it so hopefully it will work to really separate the lashes. 

Daily Dose of Pretty...
  • It's been a hell of a weekend! I have three tests and a paper due this week, so I was super busy with school. Come on, May!
  • I went to Ulta today and bought two of the Stay With Me lip glosses by Essence. I got Kiss Kiss Kiss (the red) and Pretty Witty (the hot pink). Look for a review soon!
  • I had a wonderful chat with my grandma today! Can't wait to go home and spend time with family!

What do you think of the Black Radiance palettes? What would you recommend from the line?

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