Monday, February 25, 2013

Julie G Nail Polishes: Fairytale, Julie's Fave, Gelato in Venice and Birthday Suit

About a week or two ago I mentioned in my Rite Aid haul that I picked up a few of the Julie G nail polishes for BOGO half off. This was the first time trying these polishes and I must say, I am impressed. The colors are so beautiful and the color pay off is great, too. As you can tell, I am so over this drab cold weather, so I opted for spring time colors. The colors I choose are Julie's Fave, Fairytale, Gelato in Venice and Birthday Suit. The nail polishes are $3.99 at Rite Aid or can be purchased from Jessie's Girl Cosmetics

The Nail Polishes...
Julie's Fave.
A coral color that can look a bit more orange in the right light.

White based lilac. 

Birthday Suit. 
A neutral pale pink with peachy tones.

Gelato in Venice. 
A true mint.

Dupes or Similar Colors?
Index and ring are Julie G's Fairytale. Middle and pinky are Sally Hanson's Lacey Lilac. These colors are not dupes by any means. They are in the same color family, but the Sally Hanson one (the darker of the two) is a true lilac and the Julie G one is more of a white based lilac. Please forgive the sloppy painted nails. I was in a hurry, as you can tell. #NoJudging 
Index and ring finger are Julie G's Gelato in Venice. Middle and pinky are Sally Hanson's Mint Sorbet. These look exactly the same on the nail. I love a great mint polish and as you can tell, I am in need of a new one because I have worn the Sally Hanson one to death. I will say though, I prefer the formula of the Sally Hanson one over the Julie G one because it last longer and doesn't chip as easily.

Daily Dose of Pretty...
  • Troy did the Harlem Shake last week. In the beginning of the video, I am in the white jacket sitting with the girl in the green shirt. 
  • My Spring Break is in 9 days...but who's counting?! Lol
  • I have been up since 5 am and may crash soon!
What Julie G nail polishes would you recommend?

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