Sunday, November 17, 2013

Why I Haven't Blogged In A While

Hello, Pretties! 
If you read my post in May, you know that I graduated from college in May. The day after I graduated, I moved to Auburn, Alabama to be closer to my fianc√© and a month later (or should I say the longest month of my life- I hated not having a job!) got a job as the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) Director at a local nonprofit agency in my area. I loved my job, but because of work, I literally had no time to blog. I essentially had walked into a position that had been vacant for months and had an audit with the Corporation (the people who gave my program grant money) less than a month later. To say I was busy (and stressed) is an understatement, regardless, I was thankful to have a job and amazing co-workers and volunteers! So, with that said, I had no time to blog. 

I had been at my job for about three months and was really starting to catch on to the many things you need to know about the job and had just got back from a Conference, which gave me great ideas about growing the program and retaining the current volunteers we had. I walked in the door after the long drive from Tennessee (where the Conference was) when Ross told me he had received a job offer from the company that interviewed him literally three days prior. Oh, and the job was across the county- in Oregon! 

He had been looking for a job for months since the grant he was working under ends in December of this year AND this job was was what he worked so had for, getting his Ph.D. and learning certain computer skills (that, frankly, go way over my head). 

Let's fast forward to two months ago, when I turned in my resignation letter. I got back from the Conference on a Tuesday night and had a September 11th Event at Auburn University the next day. I knew I had to give my employer a month's notice to remain in good standing, so after he received the "official" offer that Wednesday I decided to turn in my notice on Monday, to give me a chance to think of what the hell I was going to say to my boss and write out a well thought out resignation letter. 

It's been a month and two days since I quit my job to move to Oregon with Ross and a month and a day since we left Alabama. Before we moved we had a lot to do: pack, get rid of literally anything that wouldn't fit in my car, sell his car, visit my family as much as possible, and I had to get things taken care of at work. I didn't want my replacement walking into the same mess I walked into. I wanted that person to have any and all information possible and for it to be readily available at their fingertips. So, I created a notebook that had everything I learned in my four months as well as contact information, everything s(he) needed to know about the grant I applied for (and was granted!), etc.

We have been in Oregon for three and a half weeks now. We have bought some furniture (well, a bed and kitchen table- couch, love seat, entertainment center and end tables will be delivered in about six weeks) and have many more things to buy. I am looking forward to volunteering somewhere in my area to give me something to do and to meet people. I will start the job search around the first of the year. 

Oregon is a beautiful state, but I sure do miss Alabama. There's nothing like Southern Hostility and sweet tea!

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