Monday, November 11, 2013

We adopted a cat! Meet Chevy, everyone!

Meet Chevy! The newest member of our family!

I have been wanting a little animal for the longest time and Ross has been telling me "no, not right now" for months! Well, on Halloween, we adopted the cutest cat EVER from the Bonnie L. Hays Animal Shelter here in Hillsboro, OR. I've been around animals my entire life and I am really into rescues/strays-  #YayForStrays. When we went to the shelter we were looking to get a kitten because they are easier to train than older cats that are set in their ways. We were looking at an adorable and super playful kitten named Pumpkin, but when I saw Chevy with his partial mustache and serious/annoyed face, I knew he had to come home with us! The shelter let us play with both, but there was something about Chevy- I don't know, like some connection- that I just loved to pieces. He's an older cat, roughly 6 years old and when the shelter picked him up, he was a stray. Obviously we had some concerns about getting an older cat (with potential health issues) and that was a previous stray. Regardless, I had a gut feeling that he would be perfect for our family!

We have had Chevy about a week and a half now and he has been the best company, with Ross working so much! He sleeps a lot, but when he's ready for attention, you better drop whatever you're doing to play with him or he will walk under your feet and do whatever it takes just to get attention.

I hope this inspires you to take a chance on older animals or simply to rescue in general. Strays are the best...It's almost like they know that you saved them and are just so truly grateful!

Edit: I have added some new pictures of him. (:

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