Monday, November 18, 2013

NOTD: Leopard and Oxblood Nails

Hello, Lovelies!

It's been forever since my last NOTD post and I thought since this is such an amazing combo, I just had to share! Oxblood and Leopard are a very popular combo this time of year and I have finally jumped on the bandwagon when it comes to nail art! As we know, I'm a bit of a snooze when it comes to nails...just sticking to one color or on the very rare occasion, a glitter accent nail. I had never used nail strips until tonight and I must say, I'm a big fan! What a simple, quick way to get fabulous nails! I am using Revlon's Limited Edition Parfumerie nail polish in Bordeaux and Kiss Stick-On Strips in the Leopard design. If you are not familiar with this Limited Edition collection by Revlon, the nail polishes are scented once the nail polish dries. I have already worn this one once before and although I adore the fruity-wine notes, I'm not a fan of the longevity. I've read many a blog post and watched numerous YouTube videos and for the most part, people love the staying power. Bordeaux chipped in two days and Italian Leather (the deep green) chipped in less than 12 hours. I'm giving this one another shot to redeem itself- stay tuned for my thoughts!

Where to buy: I picked up two of the LE Revlon polishes at Rite Aid. I think they were $7-8/ea. I took advantage of the BOGO 50% off sale! I picked up the Kiss nail strips from Dollar General. I think it was around $2.

The color is pulling more classic red than oxblood. Trust me, it's a deeper red in real life. 

Daily Dose of Pretty
  • I had a lovely Skype date with my sister about an hour away. We had a cyber-nail party! 
  • I think I'm going to make Spinach Stuffed Shells for Ross' dinner/my breakfast in the morning. #NightShiftLife
  • I picked up a fabulous red table cloth the other day...getting in the Christmas spirit! 

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