Friday, September 21, 2012

Review: Wet n Wild Comfort Zone

All I can say is WOW! 
Wet-n-Wild has hit this one out of the park! What an amazing palette (and it's super affordable)!
This palette has a wonderful selection of bronzy- browns and gorgeous greens. If you're into earth tone shades like me, you'll love this palette! The pigmentation is amazing, to say the least, and I didn't experience too much fall out. These are not chalky or powdery at all and glide on so smooth; they have a kinda velvet smooth texture. Also, I don't use a primer/base for these shadows. I'm a firm believer that I shouldn't have to use a primer (because I don't have oily eyelids) to make a shadow vibrant- it should preform well on it's own.  Wet-n-Wild eyeshadows are hands down some of the best from the drugstore. This 8-pan palette is more on the warm side and doesn't have any matte shades. In general, I prefer a palette to have a nice assortment of  matte, shimmer and satin...these are all satin (which is my favorite finish), but I love the colors so much that I don't mind them all being the same finish.

Introducing the shadows...
Left Side: Bronzy Browns

The top shade is listed as the brow bone color. It is a gorgeous shimmery golden ivory shade. This color makes a wonderful inner corner shade. I have used this color as a brow bone highlight, but I prefer a matte shade for my brow bone.
The next shade is listed as the brow bone color. This one is hands down my favorite color in the entire palette. It's an amazingly beautiful coppery, golden brown. This color looks great all over the lid and really makes my blue eyes pop!
The next shade is listed as the crease color. This is a midtone brown and looks great in the crease. I love pairing this with the coppery, golden brown. It makes a beautiful day look that could easily be taken to night.
The final side of the left side is the definer color. It is a dark, sultry brown and I'm seeing just a smidge of purple. This color is gorgeous in the outer-v and even works great on the lower lash line.
Right Side: Glamorous Greens.

The top shade is listed as the brow bone color. It is a beautiful greenish taupe. I use this shade all over the lid and it's stunning.
The next shade is listed as the eyelid color. It is a really pretty green that's more on the cooler, brighter side than any other color in the palette. I used this color a good bit in the spring/summer, but now that we're moving into fall, I'm not sure I'll be reaching for it as much this season.
The next shade is listed as the crease color. It is a dark, smoky olive green that is stunning in the outer-v. I find myself reaching for this one a good bit because it's a great alternative to browns, in case you want to switch up you're look.
The final shade of the right side is the definer color. This is definitely the most interesting color of the bunch. It's a green and brown duo-chrome very similar to MAC'S Club. Honestly, I didn't think I would use this color as much because I'm not a huge duo-chrome fan, but I love it. I've only used this on the outer third of my lower lash line, but I think the effect it gives is pretty cool. Maybe I'll be a little more daring in the future and use it in the crease or outer-v.

Overall thoughts...
This is an excellent palette and you can't beat the price. I think it was $4.99 at my Rite Aid...that's less than a dollar per shadow. What a steal! I cannot say enough good things about this palette. I will definitely be buying a backup because I never want to be without it!

Note: All of these shades have MAC dupes or very similar alternatives. The first picture shows the dupes or alternatives. Credit: I found out about these dupes through Youtube's ToMyMakeupFans

Daily Dose of Pretty...
  • I am fixing to go to the grocery store to stock up on munchies for my long study weekend.
  • I talked to one of dearest friends today that I don't get to talk to as much nice to catch up with great friends!
  • This is my very 1st blog post and I'm kinda excited about it. Special thanks to my friend (and old roomate), Holli, for helping me with a few things! :)

Have you tried Wet-n-Wild's eyeshadows? 

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