Friday, September 21, 2012

Fall Favorites: Nail Polish

Fall is almost here and I am loving this (slightly) cooler weather. I've already started busting out a few of my darker, more vampy shades. Polished nails can really enhance your outfit; it's really the cherry on top of making you look fabulous! In general, I don't use a base coat (because I'm too lazy), but a few of these I do need a base coat so my nails are not stained after I remove the polish. I tend to change my nail polish about every two to three days so, to me, longevity isn't a big deal. However, there are times when I  don't get to change my polish as often as I'd like- that's when these polishes are really put to the test. Believe it or not, more often that not, the less than $2 NYC and Sinful Colors polishes last as long, if not longer, than the other brands. 

The polishes...
NYC In A New York Minute in 270- Sidewalkers. This is a gorgeous neutral grey...I'm wearing it on my toes right now. I will warn you that the formula is a tad watery-thin for my taste, but I don't mind since the overall payoff is pretty good...I only need about two good coats. Also, this is a creme finish.  You can buy this polish at Wal-Mart, Target and Rite-Aid. I haven't seen NYC in my CVS or Walgreens.
Note: The NYC Long Wearing Enamel Polish your money!

ULTA in Set the Nude. This was the first neutral, nude color that I bought and loved right away. I am pretty fair so it's sometimes difficult to find a great neutral polish that isn't too pink or too white. This polish is a beautiful neutral grey with a little brown and purple undertones...I only use two coats and it's a creme finish. I wore this one to a wedding in April and got many compliments on it. You can buy this polish from Ulta. Disclaimer: This is the mini-size bottle.

Spoiled in S065- Steel the Show. This is a stunning browny-taupe with some slight purple undertones.  The brush on these is very similar to the Sally Hanson Intsa-Dry, but I can actually use this product, as oppoed to the Sally Hanson one. The formula isn't too bad, but you do have to use about three coats for this one and sometimes I get a patchy/streaky nail that has to be re-done. This is a creme finish. For the price, though, you can't beat it. I passed on this shade many times until I saw it on Michelle1218's Youtube video and was instantly in love with the color. You can buy this polish at CVS.

NYC In A New York Minute 248- Manhattan. This a very pretty black based plum. I just got this color today, but I had to include it in my favorites because I know I'm going to get a ton of use out of it. I did use a base coat because with this deep shade, I was sure my nails would get stained. I did three coats, but I could have gotten away with two. This is a creme finish. You can buy this polish at Wal-Mart, Target and Rite-Aid. I haven't seen NYC in my CVS or Walgreens.
Note: The NYC Long Wearing Enamel Polish your money!

Hard Candy in 041- Mr. Right. I love this navy polish so much; it's probably one of my most worn polishes! I have been obsessed with navy and this polish is gorgeous. I like that it's a true navy- doesn't look too black to me- although it's picking up a little dark on camera. I love this formula and I will be trying more of Hard Candy's polishes at some point. This is a creme finish.You can buy this polish at Wal-Mart.

ULTA in Love My Blackberry. This is a stunning black-based the picture it looks more indigo. It isn't a total creme finish because it has a sheen to it, but absolutely no glitter and the formula is nice, too. I prefer to wear this on my fingernails, instead of my toes. I do find that I need a base coat with this one so my nails don't get stained. You can buy this polish at Ulta. Disclaimer: This is the mini-size bottle.

Sinful Colors in 1053- Rain Storm. This is one of my absolute favs! I bought this one probably two weeks ago and was instantly in love. I think this one is from there Enchanted collection so hopefully you can still pick it up. This is a semi- dark, but more of a midtone blue with maybe a teeny bit of grey undertones. I use two coats, but honestly, you can get away with only one if you're pressed for time.

ULTA in Plum Street. This is a gorgeous vampy reddish wine color. It isn't black based so it isn't crazy dark, but it's beautiful for this time of year. The picture is making the color look like a more classic red, but it is more dark in real life. This is a creme finish and I only need about two coats. I do use a base coat with this one so my nails don't get stained. You can buy this polish at Ulta. Disclaimer: This is the mini-size bottle.

Wet-n-Wild Megalast in 208B- Through the Grapewine. I adore this color so much! This is a beautiful color that I think could be worn year round. Sometimes in the colder months I get tired of wearing the darker colors and want a nice, fun pop of color...a brighter color. The color is a purple-pink and it's a creme finish. I only need two coats of this. I really love the formula of the megalast polishes. I'm not crazy about their original line, but Wet-n-Wild really stepped it up with this line. You can find this polish at CVS, Walgreens and Rite-Aid...I'm not sure about Wal-Mart.

Milani Jewel FX in 530- Gems. Finally, a fun glitter! I am so in love with this glitter polish. I use it as an accent color on my ring finger and have used it with all these colors except Set the Nude and Sidewalkers. Although, I do plan on using it with those colors in the semi-near future. This polish has itty bitty glitter flecks and small ones, big glitter. Surprisingly, this polish went on pretty opaque for a glitter polish. I only needed two coats. In case you're wondering, I'm wearing Sinful Colors Rain Storm. I know it looks different that in the above picture, but the lighting was different. Note: Glitter is a pain to remove. Use the foil method to easily remove glitter. 

Daily Dose of Pretty...
  • I cannot get Taylor Swift's new song, We Are Never Getting Back Together, out of my in love with that song! I am jamming out to it right now!
  • I will be a bookworm all weekend. I never should have taken two literature classes in the same semester.
  • Pretty excited that the first day of Autumn is tomorrow! This is my favorite time of year!

What fall nail polishes would you recommend?

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