Saturday, April 6, 2013

Review: Bogue Systems Ultra Sonic Jewelry Cleaner with Blitz Jewelry and Gem Cleaner

I'm. In. Love!
Last weekend I order an ultra sonic cleaner to keep my e-ring nice and sparkly and I wanted something to really give my mom's old ring a good cleaning. I bought the UltraSonic Cleaner by Bogue Systems (with Blitz Gem and Jewelry cleaner) from Amazon for $35.97 (shipping and handling was $4.98) after reading some great reviews about it!

Back story of the ring I cleaned...
Before my parents got married, my dad gave her an emerald ring (her birthstone). After she passed away my sister said I could have the ring if she could get mom's Bible. Deal! Even though the ring is a bit old-fashioned with it's totally-80s vibe, it's hands down one of my most favorite pieces of jewelry and is so special to me! After they divorced when I was in 1st grade (I'm 24 now) she quit wearing the ring. Over the years (many, many years) it's collected dust and icky things! I never took it to get professionally cleaned before I'm a freak and am convinced that someone would pull a switch-a-roo and swap out the stone for some knock-off. I know, it's a ridiculous thought, but whatever.

About the ultra sonic cleaner...
  • The instructions say it cleans in 3's actually 2 min. and 50 sec.!
  • The machine does make a noise while it's cleaning. It isn't very loud and it wasn't annoying to me. Ross (who uses Ultra Sonic cleaners for work all the time) said that the sound is normal because it's the motor running.
  •  This particular machine only has an on/off switch. You'll hit "on" to start the machine and it will automatically run for the allotted time. 
About the Blitz Gem and Jewelry Cleaner (Concentrate)
  • The directions say to only use this cleaner for gold, platinum, diamond, ruby, topaz, sapphire  amethyst, aquamarine, garnet, peridot, and other non-porous gem jewelry. 
  • According to the instructions, shake well. Use 1 oz. of concentrate to 5 oz. of water to dilute. Do not use unless it's diluted! 
  • Note: Blitz makes a Delicate Gem and Pearl Cleaner
 The Cleaning Process. (Sorry for the crappy lighting)
I had no idea that the ring is two-toned: white and yellow gold. 
I thought all that was dirt and grossness. 

1st cleaning.
The yellow gold is brighter and I could tell that the ring is two toned.
The diamonds on the sides aren't shiny, though.

2nd and Final Cleaning.
The yellow and white gold are brighter, the diamonds that are with the 
white gold are shining and I could finally tell the karat of the gold. 
I am satisfied with this cleaning, but will give it another once-over 
whenever I buy cleaner for porous stones.

Extra, Extra! We did an experiment. 
Ross put his Schick razor in the ultra sonic cleaner (with just water, no solution) and the blade came out sharp again. Ross (a physicist ) was telling me that some razors have a diamond coating on the blades and that when they get dull it's because the diamond coating blades are covered in shaving cream and stuff! He's pretty excited that he now won't have to buy new blades as often!

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